May 14, 2014 - ZOLL to Demonstrate Pediatric CPR Electrodes, Advanced Resuscitation and Temperature Management Technologies at NTI 2014



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May 14, 2014—CHELMSFORD, MASS.—ZOLL Medical Corporation, a manufacturer of medical devices and related software solutions, announced today that it will display its fully integrated portfolio of resuscitation devices and temperature management technology that address each link in the Chain of Survival in Booth #2101 at the Association of Critical Care Nurses National Teaching Institute (NTI) & Critical Care Exposition May 20-22 in Denver.

ZOLL’s technology is strongly aligned with the emphasis on high-quality CPR and minimizing interruptions during chest compressions in the American Heart Association 2010 Guidelines and the 2013 AHA Consensus Statement on “CPR Quality: Improving Cardiac Resuscitation Outcomes Both Inside and Outside the Hospital.”

Unique to the ZOLL portfolio are the OneStep™ Pediatric CPR Electrodes, the only electrodes on the market with a built-in CPR sensor that displays the depth and rate of chest compressions during CPR on young children up to 8 years of age. This first-of-its-kind electrode provides optimal support for pediatric resuscitation when paired with the ZOLL R Series ® Monitor/Defibrillator. The OneStep CPR Pediatric Electrodes can be used for monitoring, pacing, and defibrillation, as well as displaying CPR quality on the R Series CPR Dashboard™.

The R Series Code-Ready® family of defibrillators for hospitals also features ZOLL’s proprietary Real CPR Help ® audio and visual feedback for the correct depth, rate, and release velocity as well as tracking of idle time. The R Series also uses See-Thru CPR ® , an exclusive technology that minimizes the duration of pauses in CPR by enabling rescuers to see the underlying rhythm. Minimizing interruptions in chest compressions is one of the five components of the recent consensus statement.

The R Series, in conjunction with CodeNet ® , a hand-held electronic documentation system, enables the transfer of a complete, synchronized code record by Wi-Fi, allowing hospitals to rapidly and safely upload a complete code record for post-code data review, and use the data for benchmarking and quality improvement. Metrics of CPR performance are also underscored in the consensus statement. Complete and accurate event data can be easily recorded using CodeNet Writer installed on a mobile device.

Also being showcased at NTI:

  • The X Series ® Monitor/Defibrillator is about half the size and half the weight of competitive full-featured monitor/defibrillators, yet extremely powerful and built to extensive standards for ruggedness and durability. The X Series combines the breakthrough capabilities of ZOLL defibrillation, pacing, and CPR assistance with advanced monitoring parameters. Designed initially for EMS operations, it is also ideal for transporting critically ill patients throughout the hospital.
  • The AutoPulse ® Non-Invasive Cardiac Support Pump is an automated, portable chest compression device. It is the only mechanical CPR system to have shown improved human survival in comparative clinical trials. The AutoPulse more than tripled survival compared to typical CPR during witnessed shockable arrests.1
  • The LifeVest ® Wearable Defibrillator is worn by patients at risk for sudden cardiac death (SCD), providing protection during their changing condition and while permanent SCD risk has not been established. The LifeVest continuously monitors the patient’s heart and, if a life-threatening heart rhythm is detected, the device delivers a treatment shock to restore normal heart rhythm. The LifeVest is lightweight and easy to wear, and allows a patient’s physician time to assess his or her long-term arrhythmic risk and make appropriate plans.
  • Intravascular Temperature Management (IVTM™) technology offers health care providers the power and control they need to rapidly, safely, and effectively manage the core body temperature of critically ill or surgical patients. The Thermogard XP® delivers accurate, easy-to-use and cost-effective control for both cooling and warming applications.

ZOLL Sponsors Five Education Sessions in Booth 2101

In keeping with the company’s vision to help improve resuscitation and acute critical care, as well as help to improve survival rates, ZOLL will offer five in-booth education sessions conducted by leading nursing instructors at scheduled times during exhibit hours. Session topics will include:

  • “Is CPR Excellence Related to Success?”
  • “Improving Code Team Performance and Survival Outcomes: Implementation of Pediatric Resuscitation Team Training”
  • “Chill Out, It’s Only Therapeutic Hypothermia: Understanding the Clinical Evidence of Therapeutic Hypothermia, the Cold Facts of Current Research Including Dissection of 33°C vs 36°C”*
  • “All Aboard the Polar Express. Therapeutic Hypothermia Across the Care Continuum?”*
  • “Keep Your Cool under Pressure: Understand ICP and the Role of Temperature Management” *

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1Wik L, et al. The impact of CPR duration on survival to discharge between integrated AutoPulse-CPR and manual-CPR during out-of-hospital cardiac arrest of presumed cardiac origin. Resuscitation. 2012;83:e17.

*Therapeutic hypothermia is not cleared by the U.S. FDA for sudden cardiac arrest.