First Use of ResQCPR System Saves Texas Man’s Life


Dan Haldeman (center) with his rescuers

January 27, 2016—Navy veteran and retired roofing contractor Dan Haldeman, 67, was driving to Home Depot for some PVC pipe when he blacked out and crossed into the opposing lane of traffic. A passing motorist called 911, and within minutes the Porter Fire Department was on the scene. Haldeman was in sudden cardiac arrest, and CPR was initiated using the new ResQCPR® System, which the department had been trained on only 10 days before. Paramedics took over the ResQCPR System on arrival and Haldeman’s pulse was restored.

Mr. Haldeman, now fully healthy with an internal defibrillator, recently attended a reunion where he thanked his rescuers.

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