South Shore Man Lucky to Be Alive


Hanover, Mass. — Bob Meehan didn't feel right as he was playing racquetball at a local gym. What he dismissed as indigestion turned out to be a heart attack!

South Shore Man Lucky to Be Alive

"I was feeling a little bit of chest pain that I now realize in hindsight, that that's what it was," he said.

By the time Hanover Fire paramedics arrived on the scene, the 64-year-old didn't look good. They immediately applied ZOLL's X Series® monitor/defibrillator, and the device's EKG reading indicated Meehan was suffering a heart attack. Within seconds, Meehan's EKG reading was sent from the X Series to the cell phone of Dr. David Denmark at South Shore Hospital.

By sending the EKG straight to the doctor's phone, he was able to make a diagnosis and get Meehan on the operating table without wasting time.

"There's a saying in cardiology: Time is muscle. The more time we save, the more heart muscle we can save, so basically every minute counts," Denmark said.

Meehan said it only took 55 minutes from the time he called 911 to the moment doctors inserted a lifesaving stent into his blocked artery.

"I was like, okay, they’re going to keep me alive and they're going to take care of me, and they certainly did in a remarkable way. I'm indebted to them," he said.

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